2ndlife: Ben Jeans Houghton

Bloc Projects
- , 2018

Tickets: Free

A film installation mapping an inner and outer journey from north-east England to Japan.

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Bloc Projects host exhibitions by some of the most fascinating contemporary artists currently working in the UK, and to kick off their 2018 programme they've lined up the second UK solo show by Ben Jeans Houghton.

2ndlife is a single-channel film installation, featuring places and people that Ben Jeans Houghton encountered on an inner and outer journey to and through Japan. It's a self-reflexive narrative, discussing perspectives on the history, philosophy and reality of suicide – embarking from the north-east of England and travelling to the metropolis of Tokyo, through the zen gardens of Kyoto, before reaching Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Fuji. 

The film's narrative gives voice to places, objects, animals and the internet, putting them in dialogue with the protagonist's inner monologue. Along the way it makes reference to mythology, folklore, cyberspace and dreamstates, taking the viewer on a chronological journey through place whilst also mapping emotional terrain.

Exhibition events:

Thursday 18 January, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Ben Jeans Houghton & performance of Raft by Ben Jeans Houghton and Nicole Vivien Watson
Saturday 27 January, talk: 2-4pm, performance: 4:30pm – more info
To coincide with the last day of the exhibition, join the artist himself for a talk and discussion followed by a 20-30 min performance titled Raft, by Ben and Nicole Vivien Watson. Raft explores inner and outer landscapes, through Nicole’s choreographed mapping and navigation of the solar system and the self performed on a sculptural zodiac stage. It draws inspiration from practices surrounding science and spirituality, ritual arrangements of people and symbols aimed at creating conceptual dialogues, and a self-exploration of emotional and historical experiences of being.