Dan Holdsworth: Mapping the Limits of Space

Graves Gallery
- , 2018

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Explorations into the relationship between landscape photography, science and technology.

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Dan Holdsworth: Mapping the Limits of Space From16/12

The latest work by artist Dan Holdsworth will make its UK debut as part of a new solo exhibition opening at the Graves Gallery this December.

Continuing Holdsworth's investigation into both real and virtual representations of landscape, Holdsworth's new series, Continuous Topography, is a remarkable reimaging of the glaciers of the Mont Blanc Massif in the Chamonix Valley, France, and is the result of painstaking fieldwork. Holdsworth collaborated with a geologist to capture hundreds of images, which he then processed through GPS technology and software to create a highly detailed 3D model of the landscape – creating what Holdsworth calls a form of “future archaeology”.

Through his use of digital mapping data, Holdsworth expands the photographic process and develops a new aesthetic language, exploring the changing nature of human perception in relation to evolving technologies, while at the same time referring to the history and tradition of landscape photography.

The Graves Gallery will showcase Continuous Topography alongside other recent works that investigate this interface between traditional and digital processes, and the geological and technological world.

According to Museums Sheffield's head of exhibitions Kirstie Hamilton: “His work makes us reflect on the vastness of the natural landscape, our place within in it, and the impact we have on it. His interest in the ideas of John Ruskin and Sheffield’s location adjacent to the Peak National Park makes showing Dan’s at the Graves Gallery all the more relevant.”

Image: Dan Holdsworth, Blackout 06, 2010, C-type print, © Dan Holdsworth.