From the Box File: Uncovering the Archive

Bloc Projects
- , 2017

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The contemporary art space opens its archive to celebrate its 15 years.

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You could be forgiven for thinking Bloc Projects is a newcomer or fringe player on the Sheffield arts scene. Its quiet, not-one-to-shout-about-itself attitude and slightly removed location could well give you that impression.

A retrospective of its fifteen years in operation as Bloc Space, Bloc and now Bloc Projects seeks to set right that misconception and correctly position it as an authoritative and influential arts institution. They've pored through the archives to present From the Box File, a look at what they've been doing for the last decade and a half through the medium of exhibition flyers, posters and other publications.

The exhibition opens with a purpose-written essay by Dr Matthew Cheeseman, exploring his own understated but significant relationship with the place as an outsider. From early visits to exhibitions and open studios, he describes a Bloc as a gateway to the wider Sheffield creative scene.

Peppered throughout the exhibition are artefacts that make a convincing case for Bloc's significance. Posters, flyers and new clippings build up a picture of a place that’s been a catalyst for great work, with minimal fuss, for far longer than you might imagine.

Under a new directorship, this exhibition comes at a natural pause. Whether you’re simply a fan of graphic design and stylish print publications, or have a more sentimental relationship with the place, there’s something to be discovered at Bloc Projects' (literal and metaphorical) taking of stock.

Open Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6pm.

Written by Lucy Holt; August 8, 2017