In the Open

Multiple locations
- , 2017

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Collaborative artworks on place, landscape and environment.

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Air pollution, rising sea levels, fracking, the cutting down of trees. Communities all over the world are contending with a range of environmental issues right now. In the Open is a fittingly wide-ranging, large-scale exhibition that addresses many of these urgent issues, exploring our understanding of landscape, ecology and place at a time of accelerating environmental change.

In the Open brings together work by over 60 artists from around the world, across two venues: Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery and Bank Street Arts. As well as questioning ideas about the environment, the exhibition also hopes to expand notions of collaboration, to prompt us to think about how we might work together better in response to wider global challenges. Every book, painting, sculpture, photograph, installation and video on display is made by at least two artists – some of whom have worked together years, others have paired up specifically for the exhibition. 

Some collaborations use technology to facilitate long-distance conversation, others involve archaeological excavations, hiking up mountains or plunging into freezing waters. They span everywhere from a former cutlery workshop in Sheffield to a Singapore rainforest, a Welsh coal mine to the Mississippi delta. Together these artists have trespassed, got lost, gathered together and set down. 

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Exhibition events:
Opening night
6 September, 6-9pm
With poetry readings and performances at Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery 6:15-8pm and at Bank Street Arts 7-8:30pm.

Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery on Arundel Street (open 10-am-5pm daily, and till 8pm on Wednesdays) and Bank Street Arts (open 11am-4pm Wednesday-Saturday).

Image by Kim Anno.