The Wonderful Mr Willughby’s New Natural History

Western Bank Library
- , 2018

Tickets: Free

Spotlight on a pioneering 17th-century natural scientist.

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The Wonderful Mr Willughby Archived

Recent research is finally acknowledging the important contribution that pioneering 17th-century natural scientist Francis Willughby made to science. Find out more about this influential scientist at an exhibition in the public gallery at the University of Sheffield's beautiful Western Bank Library this winter.

The Wonderful Mr Willughby’s New Natural History showcases the scientist's life and work. On display are amazing rare books, specimens and documents from the unique collections of the held by the Universities of Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds. Visitors can discover the wide ranging interests of Willughby and his contemporaries during an age of transformative scientific revolution, follow his travels through Europe with friend and fellow scientist John Ray, and enjoy the rich colours and sounds of some of the creatures he studied.

Open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm.