Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility

Yorkshire Artspace
- , 2018

Tickets: Free

A video installation on the European refugee crisis.

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Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility is an immersive video experience, narrating stories of refugees across Europe. It's built up of pictures drawn by refugees about their pasts, presents and futures.

Artist Bryan McCormack has spent the past 18 months travelling to refugee camps, squats and shelters across Europe and asking refugees to leave their "trace" by drawing three sketches: of their life before (Yesterday), of their current life (Today) and of their life imagined in the future (Tomorrow). He has collected over 1,000 drawings from people of 45 nationalities, ranging from images of sea-crossings to depictions of refugee camp life to imagined futures of happy families and home life.

This pan-European exhibition was previously part of the 57th Biennale in Venice.

Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works, open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm