Roanna Wells: Tracing Process

Yorkshire Artspace
- , 2017

Tickets: Free

Explore mark making at this artist's residency and exhibition.

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Head to Yorkshire Artspace this spring and join artist Roanna Wells in making a mark in the gallery.

Sheffield-based artist Roanna Wells is known for her methodical and meditative working processes – often using stitching or tiny brush strokes that build up to beautiful and dramatic textural pieces. Her exhibition, Tracing Process, will gradually grow over this six-week residency in the gallery. 

Call in at any point, watch the artist's new work unfold, and take part by making your own mark on the piece.

As Roanna explains: "my method of producing marks is controlled and ordered, neat and regular, and could be described as my personal visual language and expression. I'm interested in seeing how this would alter if others, with an intuitively different way of working, were invited to make the same marks with the same brush on the same paper. And also to see what it would be like to relinquish control and allow other people into my work."

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Late opening till 7pm Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 June.

Exhibition events:

Open evening & artist talk
Friday 30 June, 6-9pm – more info.