Feature Walls

Multiple locations
- , 2016

Tickets: Free

A celebration of contemporary murals in Sheffield.

Feature Walls Archived

Walls in Sheffield are becoming canvases this October, as a bunch of artists create a colourful outdoor gallery in the city centre.

UPDATE: The murals are now complete – use this map from B&B to find them, and tag your pics #FeatureWallsSHF.

Feature Walls is curated by Bradbury and Blanchard of B&B Gallery, who want to celebrate the fact that "Sheffield has a long tradition of spontaneously lending walls to its most creative street artists". They're inviting sixteen artists, both local and international, to showcase their talents – a diverse range of typographic, abstract and figurative styles – by painting huge murals in the heart of the city.

Some of the artists involved in Feature Walls have already made a mark on the city. You'll find work by Faunagraphic, Florence Blanchard, Kid Acne, Phlegm and Rocket01 by following our Sheffield street art walk around the Cultural Industries Quarter. On the side of Fagan's pub, meanwhile, Pete McKee painted his much loved mural The Snog, and Jo Peel brightened up the side of Haggler's Corner in her distinctive style. It's always exciting to spot a piece by one of these great Sheffield based artists on trips to other European cities too – and recently Phlegm created what must be one of the world's tallest murals in Toronto. The other highly regarded artists on the Feature Walls bill are coming to Sheffield from further afield, from Australia, France, Italy, Austria and Spain.

Together, these artists will create a lasting, open air public art exhibition in our city's streets.

The artists:

Agostino Iacurci (IT)
Faunagraphic (UK)
Florence Blanchard (FR)
Frau Isa (AT)
Jo Peel (UK)
Kid Acne (UK)
Matt Sewell (UK)
Michael Fikaris (AU)
Nano 4814 (ES)
Nelio (FR)
Pete McKee (UK)
Phlegm (UK)
Rocket01 (UK)
Roid (UK)
Tellas (IT)
Will Barras (UK)