Thriller Season

- , 2017

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Embrace the darker months with a season of unnerving cinema.

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With the nights drawing in and several unnerving blockbusters about to hit screens, November seems like the perfect time for the Showroom to host a Thriller Season.

The first of the season's disturbing big-hitters is The Killing of a Sacred Deer from Yorgos Lanthimos, a sinister film about the disastrous consequences a very successful family faces after befriending a rather mysterious young boy. The second big Hollywood release, Murder on the Orient Express, finds thirteen strangers stranded trying to solve the murder of a fellow-passenger. Everyone is a suspect. Chaos ensues.

The rest of the season includes Korean Noir, Spanish politics, detectives and murder from the 50s to the present day – plus occasional lectures and special events.

Written by Hannah Clugston; November 3, 2017