Photomarathon Sheffield 2016

Winter Garden
, 2016

Tickets: Free

Ready, set, snap!

Photomarathon Sheffield 2016 Archived

One city. Six hours. Six photos. A great day out in Sheffield.

Get set: the first Photomarathon Sheffield contest is coming this October.


Anyone who didn't get a place: we'll announce the topics on social media on the day, so you can join in for fun (you just won't be able to submit your photos into the competition or exhibition). Or, look forward to Photomarathon Sheffield 2017 on Saturday 7 October – more news coming soon.


A photomarathon is a photography competition unlike any other. It’s more of a photographic adventure, really – challenging entrants to take a set number of photos on a set of topics in a set number of hours within a set place. In this case, it's six photos in six hours inspired by topics that’ll be announced on the day in Sheffield.

Unlike actual marathons, there’s no need to be able to run, or even walk, fast. All you need is any kind of digital camera or smartphone, a keen eye, and a decent amount of curiosity. Topics will be open to interpretation, and the panel of judges will pick winners based on creativity, spontaneity, inventiveness and humour, rather than technical knowhow.

After the event, each entrants’ set of six photos will go into an exhibition at  Millennium Gallery. So that’ll be an exhibition of 900 photos, from 150 perspectives, together showing one day in the life of the city.


Saturday 8 October.

Check-in opens at 9:30am at Photomarathon Sheffield HQ in the Winter Garden, and you have from 10am until 4pm to get snapping. Take as long as you like within those 6 hours (if you’d like to check in at 3:30pm and whizz through it, that’s fine. Or if you’re done by midday, also fine).

Once you have six photos you’re happy with, return to HQ to submit them, unedited.

The Photomarathon Sheffield exhibition will take place throughout November in Millennium Gallery.

The Rules

  • Take photos in the same order as the list of topics
  • All photos must be taken on the day, in Sheffield, between 10am & 4pm
  • No editing or adding filters after taking a shot (adding effects prior to shooting is fine)
  • No RAW format photos (don’t worry – unless you’ve changed your phone/camera’s settings to RAW, you’ll be fine!)
  • End with 6 photos – only 1 photo per topic (we’ll take the last 6 photos from your memory card/phone)
  • Return to the Winter Garden to submit your 6 photos – submissions close at 5pm (expect a queue around 4-5pm)
  • Tips

  • A big part of the challenge is shooting your photos in the order given. For example, if you reach topic 5 and spot something that would’ve been perfect for topic 2, you can either delete the photos you’ve taken for the topics in between and start again from topic 2 or ignore it. It’s a tough call – make sure you consider how much time you have left to reshoot topics!
  • Get permission before you take someone’s picture – tell them it’ll be used in an exhibition!
  • Try not to go for the obvious. The photo topics are purposefully vague, so spend some time thinking about the different ways you can interpret them.
  • Keep yourself safe. Watch roads and take care with your footing/balance when striving to get a shot.
  • This marathon isn’t about speed, it’s all about the 6 photos you end the day with. You have 6 hours (10am-4pm) to make it back to the finish line (Winter Garden) – but whether you take your time or whizz through it is up to you!
  • Make sure you leave yourself enough time to get back to the Winter Garden to submit your photos. The event ends at 4pm but we’ll be there to download your photos until 5pm, giving plenty of time in case of queues at the end of the day.
  • Have fun and be friendly to your fellow participants – we want a good, clean marathon!
  • The Prizes

    The VERY generous folk at Harrison Cameras have sorted us out with the following prizes for Photomarathon Sheffield winners:
    OVERALL WINNER: a Canon EOS 1300D with 18-55mm lens
    6 TOPIC WINNERS: £50 Harrison Cameras voucher + a SnapWrap canvas print of your winning photo (choice of 12x12" or 16x12")
    6 TOPIC RUNNER-UPS: a SnapWrap canvas print of your runner-up photo (choice of 12x12" or 16x12")

    Good luck, Photomarathoners!

    Big thanks to Year of MakingMuseums Sheffield and Harrison Cameras for supporting Photomarathon Sheffield.

    Keep an eye on #PhotomarathonSHF on  Instagram and Twitter for updates and to share your excitement.