The Cribs

, 2018

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Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

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Over the course of their 15 year existence, Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman of The Cribs have gone from playing in squats and warehouse parties to officially becoming institutions of independent rock – a fact confirmed last year when the band became the subject of an exhibition at Wakefield Museum!

They’ve released 7 albums, amassing an arsenal of hits and a devoted fan base along the way. Their ‘best of’ record Payola released in 2013 made it perfectly clear how many brilliantly catchy, noisy and anthemic pop songs they have in their pockets – a collection unrivalled by any band that came from the same scene as them back in the early noughties. Their latest release 24-7 Rock Star Shit was produced by the legendary Steve Albini and continued their run of consistently good Cribs-y albums. 

Foundry, University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Written by Tom Roper; December 22, 2017