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- , 2017

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Get lost in Neverland with this new immersive musical. Our review...

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Following the success of The Great Gatsby in 2016, The Guild of Misrule is back at Theatre Delicatessen, inviting us to get lost in Neverland. This new immersive production is inspired by the life of J.M. Barrie, his relationship with the Llewelyn Davies family, and his unforgettable creation, Peter Pan.

As with The Great Gatsby production last year, each audience member’s experience of this immersive show will be slightly different, depending on which characters they follow and which scenes they encounter. The journey into Neverland begins by clambering over a bed and through a hole in the wall, before emerging in the middle of a cricket match between the Llewelyn Davies boys. When I arrive, there’s a pensive figure off to one side that wanders over, sits down next to me, and asks if I have any ideas for a story about fairies. It’s J.M. Barrie, but I’m told I can call him James.

An additional layer of interest is added to this production by the fact that the real world and Neverland are very much intertwined. It’s a story that contrasts a make-believe land where anything is possible with the tragedies suffered by the Llewelyn Davies family that had such a profound effect on J.M. Barrie.

The staging is cleverly done at the Theatre Delicatessen’s new location on Eyre Street, with several carefully designed sets separated by huge sheets of fabric like an elaborate Wendy house. The staging also has a few tricks up its sleeve, which are very effective in evoking the youthful joy, the nostalgia and the sadness that pervade the whole story. Without giving too much away, there are a couple of surprises you won’t be expecting, particularly towards the end.

The world of Neverland extends out to the bar, where you can try cocktails such as Tinkerbellinis and Panhattans, and as well as the show’s regular performances throughout December, you can also join the Lost Boys for a Christmas party on 23 December (tickets cost £25 for the show and party) and The Tinker Ball on New Year’s Eve (tickets cost £35 for the show and party).

The Guild of Misrule’s new production doesn’t disappoint and as with any immersive experience, the more you enter into it, the more you’ll enjoy it. Leave adulthood at the door and throw yourself into Neverland – playing make-believe with this cast is great fun and an awfully big adventure.

Written by Emma Liasides; November 17, 2017