The Wizard of Oz

The Crucible
- , 2018

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We're off to see the Wizard!

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The Wizard of Oz From08/12

The Crucible Christmas Musical has become something of an institution in Sheffield. This year, we're heading somewhere over the rainbow with The Wizard of Oz.

When he took on the role of Sheffield Theatres' new artistic director, Robert Hastie told us: "I’m really excited by the impact Sheffield musicals have been having over recent years and for my first one I wanted to do something that has as broad an appeal as possible, that’s meaningful to as wide a range of people, from all ages and backgrounds, as possible. For good reason The Wizard of Oz is a much loved show with a really beautiful score, fantastic songs. It means something to all of us – to me, it's about the value of friendship to get through difficult times, it’s about returning home, which in some sense is what i feel I’ve done in coming back to Yorkshire."