Tomorrow’s Parties

Theatre Deli
, 2017

Tickets cost £10 - £12

An intimate show hypothesising about the future, to launch the new Theatre Deli.

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Forced Entertainment are back in their hometown of Sheffield to open Theatre Deli's new space with Tomorrow's Parties this October. Like some sort of theatrical TED talk, the show imagines a multitude of hypothetical futures, carrying the audience along on a tide of conjectures and dreams.

Contrary to the big, messy chaotic shows which Forced Entertainment is often known for, Tomorrow’s Parties is in a more intimate mode. Two performers stand marooned on a wooden pallet, festooned with coloured lights like a fortune-telling fairground attraction. Over the course of the performance they hypothesise about what the future might hold, imagining different scenarios which rub up against each other in odd and amusing ways. Some weird and wonderful predictions come straight out of science fiction – food abandoned in favour of different coloured nutrition pills, an Atlantis-like colony under the sea – while other suggestions are dystopian visions of all-out world war or a Riddley Walker-like return to the dark ages. Some propositions are absurd and unlikely while others seem eminently possible. The mood changes from comical to poignant, from stimulating possibilities to unsettling predications, as the performers compete and collaborate on their versions of tomorrow.

It’s a curious concept, not at all like a traditional theatre show complete with fourth wall, character and plot. Forced Entertainment have always been more interested in talking directly to the audience, disrupting their expectations and testing the conventions of theatre. In this way Tomorrow’s Parties summons drama through language using just the words and interaction of charismatic performers to create an imaginative space where the audience are free to invent their own dark, funny and absurd versions of the future.

Tomorrow's Parties will be the first show in the shiny new Theatre Deli space – followed the same night with We Are Ian and DJ sets to launch an incredible autumn season in style. The above is an edited version of our review of the show's UK premiere at the Crucible Studio in 2013. Get to know more about the company in our Meet the Locals Q&A.

Written by Sarah Cockburn; September 11, 2017