Theatre Deli
, 2017

Tickets cost £6 - £9

An audience-led show exploring the words we use every day.

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Word Archived

"They’re pretty special. They give a person the opportunity to express themselves. They can be read. They can be heard. They can be spoken. They allow us to communicate. I was always told that it’s not what you say, but how you say it – is this true?"

Word is an audience-led gameshow that holds a magnifying glass up to the words we use daily – and is "crucially discomforting", according to arts blogger Megan Vaughan. The show comes to Sheffield from Jamal Harewood, a performance artist known for his playful, participatory works that focus on ideas of identity and race and that do away with what he sees as a performer/audience hierarchy that frequently occurs within theatre.

Harewood is also performing The Privileged at Theatre Deli earlier in the week.