About us

Our Favourite Places is the Sheffield city guide with a creative heart. It's a celebration of our city: the people, the places, the hills.

About us

A lot happens within Sheffield's seven hills.

Night markets and nighttime bike rides.
Coffee and cocktails in old cutlery works.
Art exhibitions in transformed factories.

Vintage treasures line the streets in one corner of the city; in another lies an ale trail that's second to none.

The largest – and best – theatre complex outside of London is just down the road from one of Europe's biggest indie cinemas.

Festivals of design, documentary, music, art and literature bring the city to life, whatever the season.

Written by in-the-know locals, Our Favourite Places is an independent guide to the creative and unconventionally beautiful city of Sheffield. It's a celebration of the city's warmth and character; a snapshot of Sheffield's most distinctive districts; a companion to the cafes and pubs, the shops, the theatres, museums and galleries that do things a little differently; a signpost to the scenic spaces and hidden gems that are bursting with charm.

Start filling your diary with a hand from our monthly culture roundup. Take tips from our art and stage reviews, make some notes from our top film and music picks, find out about Sheffield's lively festivals, and get to know the creative folk – the musicians, the artists, the theatre makers, the designers, the brewers, the coffee roasters – who happily call this city home.

Our Favourite Places began in 2010, a love letter to the city from creative design studio Eleven. We created OFP to let others in on what makes Sheffield unique, to help bring perceptions of the place up to date, and to encourage people to visit our lovely, hilly city. Since 2010 we've published four editions of the OFP guidebook to Sheffield, made a short film, and produced a series of printstours and postcards – all with the help from some great writers and photographers, who you'll meet below.

In 2013 OFP began working with the Sheffield Culture Consortium. Supported by Arts Council England, we work alongside Sheffield City Council, Welcome to Sheffield and the University of Sheffield to champion the cultural life and tourism potential of the city we live, work and play in, to people near and far.

Read on, and enjoy Sheffield like a local.