Jacqueline Chell

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Tell us about you…

Hallo, I’m Jaq. I like to eat food without meat or fish, watch films, play video games and drink the odd fancy-pants beer.

I work for the British Federation of Film Societies, which is a brilliant job because I get to help interesting people like Magic Lantern Film Club, Film Unit and Sharrow Reels show films to the good people of Sheffield, as well as supporting similar groups across the whole of the UK.

What does Sheffield mean to you?

Sheffield is a brilliant bunch of contradictions. It’s full of warmth, but likes sticking up a cheeky pair of fingers to the South. It’s proud but self-deprecating; industrial but green; active but sedentary… come and have a go at us, and we’ll make you a lovely cup of tea.

What’s your favourite Sheffield place?

I’m a big fan of my sofa, but if I’m choosing somewhere in the outside world I’d pick London Road. It’s not pretty, but there are tons of lovely places to eat and stock up on spices and noodles – a world away from the chain restaurants in the city centre.

What would you do to improve the city?

More investment in the arts and culture. The impact cuts will have on community, morale and creativity mustn’t be underestimated and makes me worried for the future of both my city and many others in the North.

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