Will Roberts

Will Roberts

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Tell us about you…

I was born in the North East but Sheffield is in my blood. My nan lived near Hunter’s Bar so I’ve been feeding those greedy ducks in Endcliffe Park all my life. I went to Sheffield University to study journalism and, after a year in Taiwan and a few more in Darlington working for a regional paper, I’m back home.

I’m now a freelance multimedia PR consultant; meaning I write, work with the media, take photos and do videos for lots of different people.

I like football, food, photography and alliteration.

What does Sheffield mean to you?

Sheffield is the most charismatic, charming, attractive city I’ve ever spent time in. There isn’t much I dislike about this beautiful place. I love the contrasts which run throughout the city. Vast green spaces and imposing brick factories. An industrial city hugged by rolling countryside. Old and new. Haute cuisine and the best pork sandwiches in the world.

What’s your favourite Sheffield place?

As a child, the drive down Brightside Lane past Forgemasters used to spook me and enthrall me in equal measure. That was twenty-odd years ago and not much has changed. It’s like a scene out of Gotham City and I love it. Driving down that road and gazing up at the beautiful, towering architecture is pretty much the only good thing about going to Meadowhall.

What would you do to improve the city?

Somebody needs to sort the state of the roads out. Seriously, I’ve had more egged tyres in two years than most people have had in a lifetime.

I would also like to see more done to encourage walking and cycling in the heart of Sheffield. The city centre is remarkably compact and everything should be done to make it easy, safe and fun to make your way around the different neighbourhoods on foot or on a bike.

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