APG Works

City Centre

16-20 Sidney Street, S1 4RH
0114 263 4493

Open Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm, Saturday 11am-4pm.

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APG Works

Down in the direction of the River Sheaf, not far from Sheffield station, you'll find cobbled lanes dotted with old, and too often empty, cutlery works. In recent years a few creative folk have come along and done a great job of turning some of those works into lively cultural spaces.

Bloc Projects has been hosting exhibitions at their place in the area since the early 2000s. Designers DED Associates set up their studio and gallery at 99 Mary Street in 2013. Around the same time, artists Ed Bradbury and Florence Blanchard moved in down the road with B&B Gallery.

According to Ed at B&B, we have Rupert Wood at APG Works to thank for first seeing something in this part of the city: "He just felt this was the part of the city where things needed to start happening. And we think he’s right". And we couldn't agree more.

Over on nearby Sidney Street, Rupert has been running APG Works since 2002. A screen print maestro, Rupert has set to work in the APG studio with some of the best artists and printmakers from Sheffield and beyond over the years, and hosted exhibitions by many of them on the walls of the gallery.

APG is a relatively unassuming, friendly place that – with its painted entrance, colourful courtyard and its stacks of prints – is full of charm. Rupert and his team's love for printmaking is clear in everything they do: from championing and helping out local artists, to the detail in their promotional flyers, which are always beautifully screen printed on well chosen paper stock.

Between them, Site Gallery, APG, Bloc, 99MS and B&B make for a great triangle of contemporary art spaces in this corner of the city. Refuel along your art trail at the Rutland or Street Food Chef.

Photo courtesy of APG Works.

Written by Kathryn Hall; June 2, 2014