The Audacious Art Experiment

London Road

107A Harwood Street, S2 4SE

The heart of Sheffield's DIY music community.

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The Audacious Art Experiment

It's rare that an evening goes by without something going on at The Audacious Art Experiment.

A green door down a nothing side-street on the fringe of the city centre hides an amazing amount of activity: a recording room, a gig space, a music lab and a record label that has put out superb releases by the likes of Blood Sport, Cowtown, Championlover, Nope and art-noise-wtf project Trans/Human.

Read our 'Meet the Locals' Q&A with The Audacious Art Experiment, and get yourself down to the city's best kept secret for a taste of something different.

Written by Greg Povey; May 2, 2014