Sheffield Ale Trail

Kelham Island

Order this tour of our favourite watering holes and take a (wobbly) walk through the City of Ale.

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Sheffield Ale Trail

Sheffield is as much a city of ale as it is city of steel. A river runs through its heart, and you would be forgiven for thinking that it was made with brown booze, given how many pubs and breweries line its banks.

Like the river winding its way through Shalesmoor and Kelham Island, our Sheffield Ale Trail meanders along, stopping off at some wonderful taverns and drinking holes for a sup. Or two. Starting at Sheffield station, the trail takes us from modern 'world beer' pubs through traditional establishments like Fagan's and into the post-industrial end of the city, where true ale gems lie. All in a city that, according to a 2016 University of Sheffield report, is the real ale capital of the world.

Order our printed Sheffield Ale Trail for just £1. With eleven pubs on the trail, we wouldn't recommend attempting them all in one day. Whenever you go, just make sure you fill up on some quality snap along the way and take it easy.

Now, it's your round, I believe?

Written by Greg Povey; April 22, 2016
Illustration by John Gelder.