The Depot Bakery

Kelham Island

92 Burton Road, S3 8DA

Open Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm.

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Those who subscribe to the belief that there are few better smells in the world than those of bread straight out of the oven or freshly brewed coffee may be in for a pleasant surprise upon arriving at the Depot Bakery in Kelham Island.

Pitch up at the right time and the two smells create a perfect perfume: rich coffee doing a little tango with the whiff of warm dough coming from the kitchen.

The Depot Bakery, which quickly won a host of admirers when it opened on Arundel Street in early 2015, has had a substantial upgrade. Initially the enterprise was focused on providing wholesale baked goodies to other businesses – like Tamper and Steam Yard – with staff opening up on Saturday mornings to allow the public to get their fix of fresh bread and overwhelmingly good doughnuts. It seems the folk at the Depot enjoy seeing people grin like goons, their faces covered in sugar and their chins dripping with passion fruit curd, because they're now open to the public six days a week.

The Depot is now more than just a Bakery; it is also an Eatery. Set in a cosy courtyard on Burton Street at the Neepsend side of Kelham Island, the cafe is rugged, a bit rough around the edges, but undoubtedly charming and comfortable. It’s in an area that's still dominated by light industry, but that is what Kelham Island is all about: new business, industry and residents living side by side.

Its coffee is roasted by the same company responsible for the beans at Tamper, while the Depot’s baked goods are, as you’d expect, always fresh and creative – and often in great demand. Pick up a loaf of sourdough to take home, or sit in and enjoy salads, sandwiches, pies, cakes or 'bloody mary' beans.

Adjoining the Eatery, the Bakery side of things is much larger than it was at the company’s first premises, allowing the talented bakers more flexibility to experiment with new ingredients and combinations. Which is great news for the hungry, inquisitive clientele. Minutes after they're taken out of the oven, the baked goods are on the counter for sale, looking and tasting as good as they smell.

And the Depot team have even bigger plans. They want to attract more food and drink businesses to Burton Road and are hoping to hold regular night markets in the courtyard.

Written by Will Roberts; October 23, 2015
Photography by Will Roberts.