Millhouses Park

The 'burbs

Abbeydale Road South, S7 2QQ

A sprawling park whose boating lake acts as meeting place for the Sheffield Ship Model Society.

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If you’re around Millhouses Park on a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday morning, you may be in luck. That's when the Sheffield Ship Model Society tend to get together and navigate the waters of the boating lake with their delightful watercraft creations.

At any time, there's something in this lovely park for to suit a whole load of outdoor pursuits, including paddle boats, a skate park, bowling greens, an outdoor gym, rock pools, and a water play area. And, ideal for rounding off an afternoon at the park, the cafe serves up the most incredible slabs of cake. 

We asked photographer Gemma Thorpe to pop along to one of the Ship Model Society's meetings and she came back with some of the most charming shots we've featured on OFP, showing miniature ships out on the peaceful waters, as their owners contentedly watching them pass by.

Written by Claire Thornley; March 19, 2015