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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

What's On

Our Sheffield culture calendar is now focused on promoting virtual events. Helping you continue to enjoy art and culture from Sheffield, at home.

Seyed Ali Jaberi and Hamdel Ensemble

Thu. 6 May 2021

A breathtaking concert incorporating the unique language, culture and history of traditional Persian folk and Sufi music.

Yanis Varoufakis: Another Now

Fri. 7 May 2021

World-famous economist Yanis Varoufakis discusses his new book, exploring our desire for a better world and some uncomfortable truths about it.

Drag Beyond the Binary

Mon. 10 May 2021

Join the folks from queer arts heroes Andro and Eve as they host a panel of drag artists to chat about the exciting UK drag scene. They'll explore how drag has expanded many people’s understanding of gender and its importance for LGBTQ+ communities.

Working in Historic Gardens: moving on or keeping it original

Tue. 11 May 2021

Environmental horticulturalist Pilar Medrano Dell addresses the question of whether to restore historic gardens back to their original inception, or to go for a more contemporary take. She'll also look at the emotional effect horticulture has on us.

Talking Objects

Tue. 11 May 2021

Meet some of the team from Sheffield Museums and find out about their favourite objects in Sheffield’s collections.

We Need to Talk About Racism in Education

Tue. 11 May 2021

A look at finding inclusive solutions to racism in secondary schools. Dr Muna Abdi, Melissa Simmonds, Monica Stone and local students will discuss the lived reality of racism in secondary schools and how the community can challenge it.

Sanctuary in a Hostile Environment

Wed. 12 May 2021

Explore the history and current impact of hostile environment policies on migrants and people seeking sanctuary in Sheffield.

Manchester Camerata and Prof. Simon Keefe

Thu. 13 May 2021

Hosted by University of Sheffield Concerts, this live stream will delve into the creative workings of some of Mozart’s most famous pieces. It will illustrate how the quartets developed and changed as the great composer perfected them.

Festival of Debate Does Question Time, with Jackie Weaver

Thu. 13 May 2021

Local MPs, activists and commentators join this Question Time-style panel to answer questions and respond to comments shared live on social media. Hosted by Jackie Weaver, who presided over a chaotic Handforth Parish Council meeting that went viral.

Sheffield Chamber Music Festival 2021

Tue. 11 May 2021 — Sat. 15 May 2021

Music in the Round's annual festival goes digital again for 2021. This year, it's broadcasting from the Crucible Studio here in Sheffield and from partner venues around the country.

Feeding Sheffield Sustainably

Sat. 15 May 2021

A half-day conference bringing together organisations who work in local food production, food waste and food poverty initiatives here in Sheffield.

David Lammy In Conversation: Tribes

Mon. 17 May 2021

Auriel Majumdar chairs a conversation and Q&A with Labour MP and author David Lammy about his book Tribes: How Our Need to Belong Can Make or Break Society.

Gender Exploration Workshop

Mon. 17 May 2021

Andro and Eve’s Finn Warman and drag artist Christian Adore facilitate a creative and playful session. Providing a space for those questioning or wanting to explore their own gender, through conversation and creative exercises.

What Is It Really Like to Get a Basic Income?

Tue. 18 May 2021

A discussion with recipients of the Stockton Basic Income Pilot, hosted by Californian Mayor Michael Tubbs and UBI Lab Sheffield.

A Perfect Storm: How Must We Respond to the End of Temporary Protections?

Thu. 20 May 2021

A discussion on new responses to the intersectional problems of spiralling poverty and the effect on health outcomes.

One Year On: The UK's Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mon. 24 May 2021

Three leading members of the UK's scientific community take a look back at the UK's response to the Covid crisis. With scientists from the Independent SAGE group.

Planning an Education Future for the Botanical Gardens

Tue. 25 May 2021

Project development officer Nicola Thorpe will share the plans for the new education and engagement project at the Botanical Gardens.

Claim the Future with John McDonnell

Tue. 25 May 2021

Join a panel event of special guests curated by Labour MP and former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. Exploring the future of employment, the position of women, education, and the constitutional issues we'll need to confront in the future.

Faith and the Climate Crisis

Wed. 26 May 2021

A panel discussion hosted by Rosh Lal, looking at the unique contribution people of faith have to offer in the pursuit of climate justice.

How Can We Build a Net Zero Sheffield?

Thu. 27 May 2021

A knowledgeable panel explain how Sheffield is planning for a net zero future.

Open Up

Sat. 1 May 2021 — Mon. 31 May 2021

A virtual open studio event, showcasing the work of artists and craftspeople from across the region. Browse and buy art, or join in virtual studio demonstrations and artwork tours.

Zoyander Street: Cis Penance

Wed. 31 March 2021 — Mon. 31 May 2021

An interactive digital game exploring stories of transgender and nonbinary people in the UK. Launching as part of Site Gallery's Digital Realness season.

Ending Gendered Violence

Mon. 31 May 2021

This panel event will explore the wide-reaching effects that misogyny has on many marginalised groups of people, in public and private spaces. These groups include women, non-binary, trans and gender non-confirming people.

Building Networks to Make Change

Tue. 1 June 2021

The story of UBI Lab, Citizen Network, and how to build an active and influential network to make a difference across a range of systemic problems.

Deadly Intersections: Disability and Gender Based Violence

Wed. 2 June 2021

Women’s Equality Party Sheffield and disability campaigner Philippa Willitts discuss the impact of gender based violence on disabled women and what we can do to campaign for change.

Democracy In Crisis

Thu. 3 June 2021

Does our democratic system give us the ability to be able to be governed fairly while being reactive to future crises? With Peter Geoghegan, Neal Lawson and Klina Jordan.

The Meditation Garden: for health, happiness and spiritual wellbeing

Tue. 15 June 2021

Alan Clements is the creator of the Cascades meditation garden near Matlock. Here, he will explore the question: why do we garden? He'll look at our interest in gardening and the satisfaction that we can get from creating a natural sacred space.

A Beautiful Obsession: a plantsman’s journey in his own garden

Tue. 6 July 2021

Jimi Blake recounts the creation of Hunting Brook Gardens in Ireland – five acres of amazing botanical gardens and fifteen acres of wonderful woodland gardens and valley.

Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse: Georgian rivals united through 21st-century restoration and public access

Tue. 20 July 2021

Explore the bitter family rivalry that lead to the establishment, just six miles apart, of two major country estates not far from Sheffield. And find out how they're being united and restored for the public today.

Emotional Archive: Our Bodies Our Streets

An online exhibition of 'emotional portraits' that document experiences of street harassment in Sheffield. A collaboration between artist Philip Lee and campaign group Our Bodies Our Streets.

Finding Queer Histories in the Archives

Join Suzie Wright of Sheffield Archives and Jon Newman of Lambeth Archives as they explore some of their collection highlights that offer insights into local LGBTQ+ history, and discuss ways to better collect such materials for the future.