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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Join Sheffield Libraries on Facebook for their series of creative prompts. The prompts tend to follow the theme of whichever subject is under each day's Library Spotlight. You're encouraged to take inspiration from an image or piece of writing, and to then write your own thoughts, notes, journal piece, poem, short-story – or draw, paint, photograph, knit, sew, sing, anything!

Follow Sheffield Libraries on Facebook to discover the next Creativity During Corona prompt.

Share your creations on Facebook or send them to

When life returns to normal, they’ll create an exhibition for Sheffield Central Library displaying your work. "It will be an art installation and social history, it will be fun, and no doubt sad. It will be a showcase of our collective Creativity during Corona."

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Alison J Carr

A creator of photography, film and performance art exploring glamour and gilded architecture, and asking audiences to reflect on entertainment and the ways in which women display themselves.

Claire Lee

A sculptor working with wire, welding and weaving it into ethereal forms and bringing in light and sound to create immersive installations.