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Ending Gendered Violence

Mon. 31 May 2021 at 17:30–19:00

Pay as you feel

The death of Sarah Everard has reignited a national conversation around gendered violence and misogyny. This online panel event in partnership with Aurelia Magazine will explore the wide-reaching effects that misogyny has on many marginalised groups of people, both in public and private spaces. These groups include but are not limited to women, non-binary, trans and gender non-confirming people.

The panel will also be looking at how misogyny then intersects with race, sexuality, religion and more, and how it can then manifest into different forms of oppression. There will also be a discussion around the possible ways gendered violence can be tackled – and eventually eradicated.

Panelists include:

Evie Muir (she/her), Domestic Abuse Specialist in “BAMER” and LGBT+ experiences of abuse, LGBT+ domestic abuse development worker at SAYiT Sheffield, staff writer at Restless Network, and freelance journalist

Ishah Jawaid (she/her), founder of WOC Azadi Collective and voluntary sector consultant

Kerry Lindeque (she/her), Our Bodies Our Streets

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