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"Often a person is very revolutionary when in a public forum he envisages and advocates revolutionary and heroic acts; on the other hand, he often realises that things are not so easy when he himself has to practice what he suggests."
– Augusto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed

Forum Theatre is an interactive and participatory approach to devising that utilises the lived experiences of the participants and attempts to make positive changes, where it may be necessary, through enabling a safe space for communication among individuals. The aim of the session will be to create and perform a piece of forum theatre via our ‘new normal’ of devising via Zoom. It will examine the key components of Forum Theatre and how to adapt these components to our current virtual reality.

Led by Mathew Hahn.

Workshops and masterclasses in Utopia Theatre’s Creative Hub are for people of African origin aged 16 and above.

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