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Sound Junction is one of the UK’s longest-running and most significant concert series dedicated exclusively to acousmatic (i.e. music that is specifically composed for presentation using speaker) and electroacoustic music. With this online concert, it aims to push the boundaries of music with one central aim: to make acousmatic music accessible to a wider listening public. The concert streamed live via Facebook on 17 April and can be enjoyed below at any time.

Featuring pieces by Louise Rossiter, Adam Stanovic and students from the Soundhouse – University of Sheffield Sound Studios. Expect juddering spluttering machines, a journey through the nervous system, and an exploration of technology, meditation, time and space.

When Sound Junction concerts are presented in Firth Hall the lights are dimmed and the music is played through purpose-built sound diffusion system. You can recreate this at home by altering your lighting and wearing headphones. Surrounded by strange yet familiar sounds, this setting should give your mind the space and your imagination the freedom to take you on a personal journey through the soundscapes.

Watch the video via Facebook

Presented by University of Sheffield Concerts in association with the University of Sheffield Sound Studios. Download a full programme.

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