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Dr Jawad Shah: What can Practitioners Learn from the Narratives of Young Refugees?

Free – donations welcome

Post-migration narratives of young refugees now living in the UK.

This talk illuminates the research by the University of Sheffield's Dr Jawad Shah. It aimed to explore the narratives of young refugees about their journey from their home countries into the UK, with focus on post-migration factors. It aimed to prioritise voice and empower the narrators to embrace their experience and interpretations of their journey and resettlement in the UK. The narrators included young people, fourteen to seventeen who came to the UK as refugees. Overlapping themes included: language as an integral part of helping resettlement, experience of racism as a hindering factor, and the role of family and other protective factors.

Register in advance – this event on 18 June will include a Q&A, which is only available to those attending via Zoom.

Or stream without interaction below.

Free – donations welcome.

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